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If you are an emerging leader in the industry and working in a real estate finance-related field, please consider joining REFF!


Membership benefits include access to diverse programming such as walking tours, case studies, luncheons and group activities. Events provide educational and networking opportunities with other experienced and involved professionals within the commercial real estate community of Chicago. While the group focuses on building relationships among women, various events are open to all members of the commercial real estate industry.

REFF members are also encouraged to join a Special Interest Group (SIG). Currently, SIG groups include:

  • REFF MUMs Group This interest group is oriented towards new moms and moms-to-be and includes a regular email chain with information sharing, as well as occasional in-person gatherings

  • REFF Fitness Group This interest group is oriented towards those who want to stay active while socializing with other REFF Members. Activities will likely include: running, cycling, yoga and other fitness classes.

  • REFF Restaurant Group This interest group is oriented towards those who want to get out and explore new restaurants around Chicago. The group will likely meet on a monthly basis on an evening during the week, on a regularly scheduled date to be decided by the members.

  • REFF Business Lunch Group This interest group is oriented towards ladies would like to connect with other REFF members during the business day. This is likely to be a monthly lunch group at a location to be determined that is most convenient for all. Depending on the number of responses received, this may turn into several smaller groups.

To sign up for a SIG group, head to your member profile.


Membership is $125 per year based on a rolling 12-month calendar. We accept Membership Applications throughout the year.

Please complete the Membership Application online. Once you apply, expect to hear back within three business days. We look forward to your interest and participation in the coming year! If you have any questions or concerns, please email reffchicago@gmail.com


RENEWALSFor current members renewing, please login to your profile and click on Payment Settings, then click on the green “Renew” button if you are prompted to renew your membership.

BYLAWSTo view our amended bylaws, please click here.


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