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REFF Member-Only Special Interest Groups
Want even more networking with fellow members in a smaller, more personal setting? Join our special interest groups that meet as regularly as monthly and are designed to seamlessly add REFF and more networking opportunities into your day-to-day activities.

  • REFF MUMs Group
    Host: Amy Cheng Park, Avant Capital Partners

    This interest group is oriented towards new moms and moms-to-be and includes a regular email chain with information sharing, as well as occasional in-person gatherings.

  • REFF Fitness Group
    Host: Lauren Zangl, ECS Limited
    This interest group is oriented towards those who want to stay active while socializing with other REFF Members. Activities will likely include: running, cycling, yoga and other fitness classes.

  • REFF Restaurant Group
    Host: Danielle Gurgone, Creek Lane Capital
    Each month, the host reserves a table for 6-8 REFF members to break bread, get to know each other, and explore Chicago's foodie scene.

  • REFF Business Lunch Group
    Host: Corrine Frennberg, HTLF
    Like our Restaurant Group, this interest group invites 4-8 REFF members to connect over a monthly lunch downtown.

  • REFF Dog Moms
    Emma Ewing, Katz, Sapper & Miller
    Feeling guilty leaving your four-legged co-worker at home? Dog Moms is for dog owners and lovers alike. Our meetups are usually on the weekend and at pet-friendly locations like breweries or dog parks.

    Sign Up for a SIG
    Head to your member profile and check the SIG(s) of your choice to be added to upcoming event emails.


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